Commercial , Residential ,Industrial, Mixed-Use and interior design

Condo Design

From Concept to Construction

Schematic Design

Design Development

 Construction Drawings /Permit

Bidding & negotiation

Contract Administration

Prepare three-dimensional renderings and virtual tours


 Site evaluation and analysis

 Building code and zoning regulation review

Site/Building programming

Conceptual design of site and building

Initial estimate of construction cost

Prepare Documents/Presentation for building committees, municipal boards and investors



Coordinate project requirements into one cohesive master plan.
Conceptual design study for the master plan.
Evolve the master plan based on feed back until solidified.
Prepare master plan presentation.
Prepare three-dimensional renderings of the proposed master plan
Attend public presentations and/or board meetings.


Concept Interior Design

Design Development.

Construction Drawing.

Bidding & negotiation

Contract Administration

Prepare three-dimensional renderings and virtual tours.


Virtual tours

3D Architectural Renderings

3D Animation

Photo-Real quality.



Nas Amer

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Gordon Lam

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Business Development 


Principal Architect 

B.Arch. B.Eng. O.A.A

Sam Mohsenpour

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Intern Architect

B.Arch. O.A.A

Seif Amer

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Marketing Coordinator



Founded in Toronto, Ontario, ArchEye Architects is a dynamic architecture and interior design practice, with a commitment to design excellency.


Utilizing the latest technology in the design and development of buildings is our main focus. 


ArchEye Architects are always seeking new design challenges, focusing our talent, expertise  and imaginations into realizing a unique solution to each project.


Architecture in its FORM is not just seen, it is experienced. It is an environment where we live, study, work, shop, play, gather, and relax. When done right, it rewards the senses, motivates, and inspires.
On the other hand, every building has a FUNCTION; a set budget and a timeline to meet. It has to deliver the function to be successful and it has to meet the time line within the budget to be possible to exist.


Our mission at ArchEye Architects is to utilize the resources available and to use our skills and imagination to find the right balance between the FUNCTION and the FORM. Ultimately, we create a building that delivers its FUNCTION in a unique, well-experienced FORM. It’s Architecture that you cannot ignore because it didn't ignore you.





Most Outstanding Architectural Firm 2016 By Acquisition International Magazine

Principal Architect Nas Amer 

The most innovative architects reside at ArchEye. They are continuously exceeding expectations.

Few disciplines stir passion as much as architecture, which during the Renaissance Johann von Goethe defined as “frozen music.” Architecture is an art and an experience, and few artists define this better than ArchEye Architects of Richmond Hill, Ont. The firm believes “architecture in its form is not just seen, it is experienced.”

This is the guiding philosophy of principal Nas Amer and his entire team at ArchEye, which they bring to every client, challenge and assignment. ArchEye believes that great architecture invites people in, fusing form with function to stir senses, motivate, inspire and intrigue.

“Finding the fine balance between form and function is ArchEye’s DNA,” says Amer. “It is the first things we inspire in every hire, to have an eye for detail and sense of ownership. It is second nature to us to think of what is the best solution we can deliver for our clients.”

Providing full architecture services, interior design, residential, commercial and industrial design for a variety of world-class developers, ArchEye has worked on residential towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, custom homes in King City and all around Ontario and major corporate projects in Europe and the US, taking the extra time to understand both clients and assignments. “We value the people involved in the project, not just the project itself,” says Amer.



Paul Attwood - Orchard Design

"The team at ArchEye has done outstanding work for us. The quality exceeded our expectation, the process was easy and straight forward, and they have always delivered on time. We found ArchEye through a recommendation and since then we have recommended them to others."




Darren Schaaf - Rockford Developments

Multifamily Builder of the Year 2010

"ArchEye over-delivered throughout the process and created stunning artwork. Their services assisted in our sales efforts and one of the renderings they did for us was a winner for best design in its category in our local Home builder association."





Carmen Mastroianni - Mastroianni Homes

"The quality and accuracy of ArchEye's artwork are the best we have ever worked with. The virtual tours were mistaken for actual videos. This marketing material has changed the way we are selling our custom homes and has virtually replaced our real estate agents. The cost savings in that respect is priceless."




UNIT 511, 15 Wertheim Ct,

Richmondhill , ON L4B3H7 

Richmondhill Office: 905.235.4888

Toronto Office:              416.907.8188

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